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Interior design


Ilinden, Skopje, Macedonia

Year of project





ArchX Studio

3D visualizations

ArchX Studio

The Aqua interior is inspired by the pleasant character of the young, ambitious man for whom it is designed.  The apartment has five units: living room with kitchen and dining room, bedroom, children's room, hallway and bathroom. The editing style is modern with touches of mid-century style 

living room 

The living room is dynamic, with a division of light and dark fields made of plasterboard, which continue to the ceiling, where they are the basis for hidden light. The light fields indicate the living, dining and bar areas, while the dark fields are inter-space. The only color that refreshes the space is the military green setting of the sofa and all the armchairs. The space is mostly in white and anthracite color, combined with wood texture in oak shade.

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Kitchen and dining room

The kitchen is connected to the dining room and the living room. Due to the distance from the window and the lack of light, the kitchen is white, a large kitchen with a bar, which more physically than visually divides the space. It is illuminated by hanging chandeliers above the bar and hidden light under the elements

The dining room has wooden elements with metal legs, looks light and elegant and does not burden the space.


The bedroom is quite bright, which was further accentuated by placing a mirror on the opposite wall of the window, so there were conditions for framing the elements with  dark anthracite-colored surfaces. The bed has a low wooden base and a high mattress. The wood continues on the wall, joined by anthracite plywood and then folds into the ceiling, reflecting the fields of the living room. The opposite wall with the TV is designed in the same way.

Aqua_spalna (3).jpg

Kids room

The children's room is designed according to the ergonomic measures of a child, with low lockers and shelves easy to reach for children. There are two bunk beds and a small work desk. Educational elements are placed throughout the room as decorations.

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