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Interior design


Kriva Palanka, Macedonia

Year of project





ArchX Studio

3D visualizations

ArchX Studio

The Dawn interior got its name because it represents refreshment and giving new energy to the space. The soft yellow color makes it warm and pleasant, and the dark gray contrast gives it a dose of seriousness.

The yellow color used in the interior design evokes warmth, good mood, optimism. However, if it dominates too much (especially on the walls) it can cause a feeling of anxiety, so it should be used sparingly.

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The apartment has four rooms: the living room, the bedroom, the hallway and the bathroom. The living, dining and the kitchen area are consecutively conjoined in a spacey living room. We separated the kitchen with a bar, and set different light sets for the three areas. It is connected to the hallway through a diagonal passage, leading to the bathroom and a small bedroom.

The kitchen, together with the dining room, has been transformed into a cozy corner that could easily serve as a living room. The kitchen is linear and simple, with a hidden light placed under the hanging elements.

The bedroom is adapted for different functions at different times of the day:

LIVING RESIDENCE / WORK ROOM: bright, fresh colors that make you feel more energetic, clean wall surfaces with shelves and paintings, more than 1/2 clean floor space for movement, desk.

BEDROOM: break bed, lightproof drapes, night hidden light, closet, extra storage space above the desk.

The hallway is decorated with large mirrors and white color to visually enlarge the space.

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