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Greek Modern Interior Design Thessaloniki Seaview Living Room.webp

Elysian Waves




Thessaloniki, Greece


2023, development in progress




ArchX Studio

3D visualizations

ArchX Studio


Stay Nestaway

Elysian Waves is a design that highlights the coastal surroundings of its location. Situated on the picturesque promenade of Thessaloniki, the proximity to the sea in this apartment not only provides a breathtaking view of the sea but also awakens all your senses with the sound and scent of the Aegean.

The entire interior exudes a coastal vibe. Pastel colors dominate, with shades of copper, sandy tones, and pastel blues, and minimalistic elements create a sense of space in this 120m2 apartment, making it radiate tranquility and elegance, the kind you can only feel by the sea!


The apartment features a spacious living room with a kitchen and dining area, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a long balcony with a beautiful view. All the rooms have high ceilings, which adds to the quality of the space.





The living room is the centerpiece of the interior. Positioned front and center from the entrance, it welcomes with simple but luxurious elements and a soft pastel blue color on the main wall and the sofa, complemented by a granite table and two armchairs. The decorations are chosen to evoke a connection to both ancient and contemporary Greek culture. The lighting accents the space with warm light.



Facing the living area, the dining room captures your attention. Placed in front of a window that perfectly frames the view, it's defined by an unobtrusive dining table and chairs, with a black metal shelf on the left side that adds balance with its verticality.


The kitchen is separated by a large low counter that houses kitchen elements and can also serve as a workspace. The kitchen is spacious and white, with a window on the right side that further enriches the space with natural light.

Greek Modern Interior Design Thessaloniki Seaview Living Room.webp


The three bedrooms follow a similar style. Once again, the dominant elements in the design are the pastel blues or sandy wall colors, combined with simple beds and wardrobes. In the bedrooms, the artwork chosen for the walls is modest and unobtrusive, with subtle hints of Greek culture to avoid making the space overly dramatic. The bedrooms offer sea views, and the lighting is accentuated, as in the rest of the apartment.

Greek Modern Interior Design Thessaloniki Seaview Living Bedroom .webp.webp
Greek Modern Interior Design Thessaloniki Seaview Living Living Bedroom.webp.webp
Greek Modern Interior Design Thessaloniki Seaview Living Bedroom .webp7.webp
16 b.webp


The bathrooms are predominantly bright and feature clean lines without dividing the space. The larger bathroom includes a bathtub, while the smaller one has a shower. The only texture that appears is the marble tiles. The lighting here creates an atmospheric ambiance with elements like a dropped ceiling and concealed lighting.

18 b.webp
19 t.jpg
Greek Modern Interior Design Thessaloniki Seaview Living Bathroom.jpg


The cherry on top is the beautiful, long balcony, designed to offer all the comforts of a small garden. It's covered with artificial turf and wooden-like platforms. The space is maximized with small seating elements for enjoying the sound, scent, and view of the Aegean Sea.


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