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Villa K, big residential house with a pool and roof garden, in Kuchkovo Village in Skopje





Kuckovo, Skopje, Macedonia

Year of project




Archix Studio

3D visualizations

Archix Studio

Villa K is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Designed for a family with successful parents and ambitious children, this project aims to combine the comfort and luxury of modern living with the tranquillity of a picturesque village.


Villa K has a ground floor, two storeys, a rooftop and a basement wine cellar, with each floor functioning as a separate living unit. It also has a charming spacious courtyard, perfect for a barbecue party in the summer kitchen or playing with the dog in the garden. The front yard is reserved for sports - a tennis court, a football court and a gym are there to complete the perfect weekend experience.

Architectural and interior project for a villa with a pool / Architecture project for a villa with a pool
Luxury villa project / Luxury villa project
Architecture project for a villa with a rooftop

Following the slope of the land, the whole complex is developed on three levels: the back yard (connected to the back road), the building platform and the front yard. The main access to the building is from the front, main street, through a monumental, emphasized entrance that leads to the wine cellar and the ground floor.

On the ground floor platform, in front of the building, there is a porch with a seating area and a swimming pool which can be uncovered / covered as needed, along with guest showers and changing rooms. The leveling between the backyard and the building is solved with stairs, as well as a pedestrian bridge that connects the yard directly with the first level. 

In terms of composition, the strong axis in the longitudinal direction is balanced with the vertical of the prefabricated elevator and the bridge to the first level. 

It has an open ground floor where the windows can be fully opened towards the pool. The windows on the other floors develop along the entire height of the building, with structural side windows.

The façade is dominated by white, with accents of dark gray, porches and wooden bridges. The front mounting porch is made of steel. 

Luxury weekend house project/ Luxury weekend house project

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Luxury rural villa with a pool project architecture - Luxury rural villa with a pool project architecture


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