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Living Room of the Terra Interior, with earthy, warm and rustic tones



Interior design


Aerodrom, Skopje, Macedonia

Year of project





ArchX Studio

3D visualizations

ArchX Studio

Terra interior is designed for a couple with refined taste and dynamic lifestyle. The choice of dominant materials - wood, tinted glass and rust wall technique reflects their character traits: calmness, dedication, sophistication.  They feel comfortable around earthy tones and textures, so that's how Terra was created.

Spatial organization

The apartment has four rooms: living room, bedroom, hallway and bathroom. The living room, dining room and kitchen are subsequently merged into a spacious living room. We separated the kitchen with a bar and installed different lighting for the three zones. It is connected to the hallway through a diagonal passage, which leads to the bathroom and the small bedroom.

Apartment interior design
Bar in the Terra Interior, with earthy, warm and rustic tones
Interior design of a living room with earthy neutral tones / earthy tones living room interior

Shapes, materials and textures

Rectangular shapes dominate, with accents of bars and circular shapes in the living room (tables and chandeliers).  There are 2 textures in the whole interior: wood-oak and dark gray plywood with a rough surface. The central wall in the living room is separated by rust technique and vertical wooden bars.  Smoky glass elements are added to the kitchen, which are a mediator between the wood and the dark gray. The bedroom, due to the small area and for better lighting, is refreshed with a combination of glossy white (closet) and matte turquoise texture (bed upholstery, draperies, pillows).


Chandeliers in the living and dining area have been added to the existing built-in ceiling and hidden LED light, while the kitchen is lit with built-in lights at the counter and hidden lights in several lines.  The wooden grilles on the TV are accentuated by a hidden light in the upper zone. In the bedroom, in addition to the chandelier and the hidden light above the bed, the distribution of daylight has been improved by placing two parallel mirrors, which also visually enlarge the area.

interior design bedroom with turquoise tones / Turquoise bedroom interior design

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